Education & Mentoring

“If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives.

Health & Wellness

Maintaining healthy, happy environments is an important, and often neglected part of aid work. We work with local community organizers closely.

Economic Development

To do great work, you need tools. While blood, sweat and tears have built empires, classrooms still need paper and pencils.

The 100 Black Men of West Alabama, Inc.  aims to improve the quality of life of our communities, and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African-Americans.





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100 Black Men of West Alabama

Mentoring the 100 way. Give your helping hand to those who need it!

our mission:

Donations so far:  $12,400

Collegiate 100

Help us reach our goals as we strive to improve the lives of the young people in our communities.

Mentoring across a lifetime

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